pre bonded hair







1.Keratin Tip Hair is also called "pre-bonded or pre-glued hair extensions" has adhesive tipped on each strand section and can be easily applied.

2.The strands are made with precise amounts of hair to provide the best coverage with a minimum of bulk.

3.Since the adhesive is already applied, less time is needed to install the hair and the strands are more evenly distributed for greater flexibility and natural flow.

4.Pre-bonded hair can be used with most heat connectors but I tipped pre-bonded hair extensions can be also applied with micro rings.



Pre bonded hair extension


we have U/nail shape, V shape, I/stick shape and Flat shape for your choice.

Hair length

8"-30", and the most popular lengths are from 16" to 22"

Hair Weight

0.5g/strand, 0.7g/strand, 0.8g/strand and 1g/strand, the weight of strand can be adjusted according to customer's request.

Hair color

we have more than 20 conventional colors, and can also dye more colors according to customer's color rings.


50 or 100 strands/pack, and the package of strand can be adjusted according to customer's request.


1Kilo for same length same color, for new customer's trial order, we can accept smaller quantity.

Delivery time

around 2 weeks upon the receipt of orders and payment.